Aren't you an electrical company..? and drill water wells?

See the about/who we are page for our story

Do you offer Free quotes/estimates?

Yes and free site visits

Am I guaranteed water when I get my well drilled?

No, we cannot give a guarantee. Our method is to drill based off pre-drilled water wells in you area and use the history of said wells to find the best water zone for you.

What do you charge per foot?

 Our best answer is to have a conversation with you based on the terrain and desired depth of your potential well. Each well is different.

Estimates are free!

Do you offer Military discounts?

 At this time we do not but hope to in the future. We do appreciate our troops and their sacrifice and hope to offer this soon.

What about financing my job?

 No, but we are willing to make each job affordable and will do our best to give you the best deal.

I have my well app but why can you not start yet?

 By New Mexico state law a driller cannot start drilling a well until the permit paperwork is in the driller's possession.

What does MW stand for?

 MW stands for Mike Walker. Mike is the company founder. See the About/who are we for our story.

When can we start my well?

 Currently due to high demand each water well is on a 3-month waiting list. This schedule changes weekly. We suggest to have your well permit ready.

How much is a well permit?



Can you drill an old water well deeper?

 On low past success rates our professional opinion is to not re-drill a water well. Most older water wells were installed with steel casing. Overtime steel casing can rust and corrode causing issues in the original bore hole, making it difficult for us to deliver a good product. BUT! We can blow out the well and see if this helps open up the water zones to allow more water for the original hole. 

What is your policy for Covid-19?

  We provide proper PPE for each of our employees and ask them to make their best efforts to be respectful of those they work around by honoring their personal safety needs.

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