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 MW Electric Inc was formed in 2011 by Mike Walker (MW). Mike and his son in law Chad Stotts began their journey in the San Juan Basin as a Cathodic Protection company. 

MW Electric inc grew quickly within the Electrical field and the basin and added Mike's other son in law Kurt Neil.

 MW Electric inc has expanded its services in the last 9 years and has become a competitive contractor in New Mexico and the basin. 

 MW Electric inc offers services in the Oil & Gas industry, Commercial, Civil, and Residential.

We lost Mike in 2017 but the company has continued on. We kept Mike's initials for the company to continue his dream.

We carried through and have faced many struggles along the way but have stayed united as a family-owned and operated company with the hope to offer the best service to our clients. 

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EST. 2011

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MW ELECTRIC INC offers many diverse services to an ever changing market. We mad a decision to go after areas that we felt were best suited for our company and our customers.

 We strive to offer quality work and competitive prices to every customer.